Size Matters 5

26 ratings
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Size Matters 5

Jyminish Comics
26 ratings

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Size & body changing comic.
This comic is in this bundle: Season 2021

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.


ATANCO INDUSTRIES, the company that will plunge modern society into chaos.. The Goddess project is starting: Nastasia is now changing Tania into a Goddess with a random superpower. She'll become the first Goddess of the future team of Goddesses that will overthrow the governments to establish a new tyrannical women world order: countries will not exist anymore, men will be reduced to slavery and women will have their golden age under a governance of the chosen Goddesses. This is the plan.. But for now, we're living the last hours of the normal world. Amanda is on her way to the Atanco's secret base to release her friend, Melina, held prisoner. She ignores how important is the role she'll play in all of this. In another hand, Karl and some Atanco employees start to ask questions.. But questions are dangerous, because Nastasia is worse than Amanda (yes, really), and she will not hesitate to severely punish those who will dare to stand in her way..

Includes a bonus scene (pics 086 to 157): Hot scene between Amanda and Lana, a young and blond sexy woman. They're the same size, but Amanda will use her shrink ray to create size difference between them. The first part of this scene takes place on the bed. The second part of this scene takes place into a high-heeled shoe (their final shrinking destination).


  • Size: Shrinking (f), Growing (f,m)
  • Body: Muscle gain (f), Goddess TF (f), Midget TF (f)
  • Mind: Love feelings control (f)
  • Women sizes: Normal, 5.02 m (16'5'') max, 0.045 m (1.77'') min.
  • Men sizes: 1.20 m (3'11'') max, 0.21 m (8.27'') min.

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Size Matters 4.1: Celia
Size Matters 5
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