The Size Breaker 3

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Size and body changing comic.
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The young supermodels are now in space, aboard Enetari's spaceship, going to an unknown world. But they're not alone in this spaceship, it's a dangerous situation.. Meanwhile, on Earth, poor Stella can't accept her shrinkage. She's looking for help, but probably from the wrong man..

This chapter shows 2 different plots:

  1. In space (257 pics): How Nadia, Sandy, Ashley, Alice, Ludivine, Kristen and Cecilia will fight aboard Enetari's spaceship to keep control during their hyperspace journey. Their sizes are changed, they are taller or shorter than before, and this creates tension between them. They'll need a plan when they'll arrive in orbit of the alien planet..
  2. On Earth (136 pics): How Stella will try to find help from her doctor, now she has been shrunk from 1.71 m (5'7") to 1.37 m (4'6"). But she ignores he's a narcissistic pervert: he will see her shrinkage as an opportunity to abuse her instead of helping her (he's 1.84 m (6'0") tall).


  • Size: Shrinking (f & m)
  • Body: BE (f)
  • Metamorphosis: Alien female to random TF
  • Women sizes: Normal, 2.05 m (6'9") max, 1.10 m (3'7") min.
  • Men sizes: Normal, 1.84 m (6'0") max, 2.20 cm (0.86") min.

More content details

  • Multisize with a lot of size comparisons and POV;
  • Erotic: 1 explicit scenes with detailed sequences;
  • Interactions (F/M, F/m, M/f);
  • Forced foot worship (shrunken man kissing tall woman foot in high heel);
  • Crush under high heels (F/m);
  • Size humiliation/domination.

The series (links):

The Size Breaker 1
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The Size Breaker 3
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The Size Breaker 5 (soon..)

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The Size Breaker 3

11 ratings
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