My Shrinking Lover 3

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My Shrinking Lover 3

Jyminish Comics
14 ratings

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Size and body changing comic.

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.


Lucile stopped shrinking, she's now only 33% of her normal size, 57 cm (1'10").. She’s worried about her future. If Nils and Flore don't find a way to bring her back, she’ll stay like this for the rest of her life. The problem is Nils will soon have no money to fund their research. So it’s a race against time to save Lucile. 

This chapter runs over several months and shows:

  • How Lucile will live her new condition as a mini-woman, staying at home, becoming depressed, eating excessively, gaining weight day after day..
  • How the relationship between Nils and Lucile will evolve considering their new huge size difference and Lucile's progressive weight gain.
  • How Flore will have fun with Natacha, a new character.. It's all about size. Yeah.
  • How Flore will try to seduce Nils again, wearing clothes always shorter, tighter and teasing him every work day.

Ravages of time.. Will Nils remain faithful to his shrunken broken girlfriend or will he be tempted by the call of the tall sex bomb?  


  • Size: Shrinking (f & m)
  • Body: Weight Gain (f)
  • Women sizes: Normal, 95%, 33%, 1.75 m (5'9") max, 57 cm (1'10") min.
  • Man sizes: Normal, 50%, 1.73 m (5'8") max, 86 cm (2'10") min.

More content details

  • Multisize with a lot of size comparisons and POV;
  • Very sensual and erotic: explicit scenes with detailed sequences;
  • Interactions (F/M, F/m, M/f);
  • Emotional scenes (love, solidarity, sensibility and psychology);
  • Size humiliation/domination;
  • Love triangle.

The series (links):

My Shrinking Lover 1
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My Shrinking Lover 3
My Shrinking Lover 4 (Soon..)

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