Size Matters 4

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Size changing comic.
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Season 2020

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After losing control of the situation, Amanda abandoned her appartment and tried to join her teammate Melina.. But Melina disappeared. She has been kidnapped by ATANCO Industries for some experiments on her unstable size field. While Pauline adapts to her new reduced life with Alexane, Celia (the police officer) is interrogating Xenia (the bounty hunter) she put behind bars, and she probably knows where Melina is now.. Finally, Amanda and Celia both want answers, which will lead them to fight again. It looks like women are going to loose some size in this explosive situation..


  • Size: Shrinking (f), Growing (f)
  • Women sizes: Normal, Giantess (11', 17'), 66%, Half, Doll, Toy, Bug
  • Men sizes: Normal, Doll

The series (links):

Size Matters 1
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  • Comic as .jpg (502 pages)

  • Main story
    442 pages
  • Bonus scene
    60 pages
  • Comic as .jpg (502 pages)
  • Main story442 pages
  • Bonus scene60 pages


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Size Matters 4

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