Need More Beauty 3

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Need More Beauty 3

Jyminish Comics
17 ratings

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Size and body changing comic.
This comic is in this bundle: Season 2021

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.


Kelly is now extremely tall (2.26 m / 7'5"), hot and sexy: she stole beauty, shapes, muscle and size from Sheri and Clea. For his part, Jacob told his wife on the phone that he wants to leave her (without telling her the truth about his love affair with Sheri, his sexy assistant). But the timing isn't right: he'll soon realize that Sheri has been turned into a kind of ugly little gnome, with no intelligence and obsessed with women's breasts (previous part). How will he take it? Hmm.. It's the last of his worries: Kelly is now after him for having refused her at the job interview, because she was small and ugly. She's very upset about that, so she wants to shrink him.. But an unexpected intruder comes, and Kelly feels a potential to destroy Jacob from within by involving this intruder in her revenge, by abuse of power..


  • Size: Shrinking (f/m), Growing (f)
  • Body: Muscle gain/loss (f), Weight gain/loss (f), BE/BR (f),
    Legs reduction/extension (f/m)
  • Mind: Mind control (f/m)
  • Women sizes: Normal, 2.42 m (7'11'') max, 0.80 m (2'7'') min.
  • Man sizes: 1.78 m (5'10"), 1.37 m (4'6").

The series (links):

Need More Beauty 1
Need More Beauty 2
Need More Beauty 3
Need More Beauty 4 (soon..)

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