Malicious Fantasies 2

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Size and body changing comic.
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Nicolas turned Sheila into a giantess bimbo using his magic (previous episode). He abandoned her like this and ran away from the library. Sheila has been found by the authorities, it’s all the media talk about on television tonight (not shown in this episode). Nicolas completely doesn't care about what will happen to Sheila now. Tonight, he's relaxing at his favorite place by the ocean, at the outskirts of a small town. Suddenly, a sports car comes fast and breaks the silence. It stops at the gas station on the other side of the road to refuel.. The door opens and Cassandra's wonderful legs comes out the car. She's a rich and attractive young woman who doesn't care about respect. Nicolas intends to teach her a lesson.. It's also an opportunity to test on her some new spells he learned this afternoon (related to gold and chocolate), for some more malicious fantasies..  


  • Size: Shrinking (f/m), Growing (m)
  • Body: Butt inflation (f), BE (f), Feet growth (f), Dollification (f) 
  • Other: Shoes turned into chocolate, then eaten at her feet.
  • Woman sizes: 1.83 m (6'), 0.30 m (1')
  • Man sizes: 1.70 m (5'7"), 0.16 m (0'6")

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Malicious Fantasies 1
Malicious Fantasies 2
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Malicious Fantasies 2

15 ratings
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